Friday, 26 April 2013

Style icon..

Since she appeared on The Hills quite some time ago, I have absolutely loved her style!  I'm talking about the one and only Lauren Conrad. Her style is so simple and chic with a bit of a casual twist unless she's going out on a night on the town.  Then you can expect her to go full out in a dress and heels and some black nail polish!

The simple eyeliner look she goes for really emphasises her eyes.  Turning them from a more round shape to a bit more of a elongated classy dainty shape.  Although her make-up is done so simply, it emphasises her features.  I've been trying to do this kind of eyeliner look for so long but can't seem to recreate it on my own eyes.  Perhaps it's because my eyes are a bit more round than hers?  Possibly...

Aside from Lauren's make-up, her hair always adds a sweet innocence that link perfectly with her make-up.  It's just as classy and dainty as her eyeliner.  Her hairstyle here doesn't look very complicated but I'm sure for myself, it is complicated!  I have never been able to master the french braid since my hair has for most of my life been shoulder length and layered through which makes it impossible to create such a style with no fly-aways.  Adding too much hairspray or any hair product to keep those loose unintentional strands of hair will only give the look of the braid a stiffer appearance.  Which is not how this look is supposed to go.  I shall have to wait till my hair gets longer and then get practicing.  Hopefully it won't take too long, right?

Lauren's hair here is something that I can attempt to create.
Here was my effort:

Not bad considering my hair was no where near long enough right? All I used was a curling wand and made sure I curled up to a point of where I wanted the curls to start and made sure my hair was curled away from my face.  This is quite a nice, simple, easy look to accomplish once you get passed the awkward ways of having to hold the wand.  At least for me it felt awkward.  

Not only am I a huge fan of Lauren's make-up and hair simplicity, I do love the way she dresses too. It's casual and chic at the same time.  She adds small details to her outfit that makes a dull outfit into something a whole lot more fashionable.  

Will touch on the kinds of fashion clothing styles I like another time.  

Who is your style icon and why?  

Until next time... xoxo N

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