Thursday, 25 April 2013

Fellow YouTuber's

I wanted to blog today about people I love to watch on YouTube.  I've seen many channels, many persona's and many techniques in the "How To's" of putting on make-up and what looks they put together. Of course there are also those "Outfit of the day" videos too!  Very inspirational.

I was watching a video just before passing out at 3am by the lovely Evelina Barry, and I was blown - away!! Here's the video I'm talking about below:

I saw this and I was amazed!!! It's so unique to the type of "Outfit of the day" videos I've been used to seeing and producing myself.  Mine are very much place my camera somewhere awkwardly and hope for the best it doesn't fall and film what I'm wearing, or there's the good ol' iPhone upload.  But this video by Evelina was amazing! So creative it really opened my eyes.  My jaw was wide open and wide eyed in amazement! (I hope you've seen the video at this point.  If not, watch it!) She definitely got a thumbs up from me for this video! 

So there are some people on YouTube who I think are amazing people. I just wanted to mention them in this blog as they do deserve recognition.  More so than they already have! If you've not seen videos by the following people, go check them out and encourage them to make more videos!  

That's just a few people.. Go check out their channel and see their talent!

Now onto another person who I think is awesome, I've known her since she started out on YouTube, it is Tati (aka GlamLifeGuru).  She makes some awesome videos, from tutorials, to reviews, to hauls and giveaways! 1 of my favourite videos of hers are her Monday Madness videos! It's where she finds coupons and deals at her local drugstores and you get to see her little adventure to these stores, and sometimes it would be with her wearing an awesome SpiritHood hat!  (FYI: I've just seen there is a UK published site as well: SpiritHoodsUK) Here's a video of hers below if you've not seen 1 of her videos before: 

I had no idea which one to pick out of her many videos so I chose these two here! I have to admit I'm a bit 'biased' (however it is a very nice tutorial) of 'The Vow' tutorial as I gave her the Sleek palette she uses but it just shows how she gives some good tips & tricks about how she could put on her make-up.  Plus for us who are Uk bound, we can get a hold of the brand of palette she uses! ;] (Forward thinking!)

These are just a handful of people who I think are pretty amazing on YouTube and continue to put themselves out there in the internet world quite often!

You'd be amazed at who you find if you search deep enough into YouTube. I'm always up for checking out YouTuber's who are just starting out (like myself), so feel free to leave me a comment of people you watch, or your channel as well if you have one! I'd love to check it out.

Until next time... xoxo N

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