Saturday, 13 July 2013

Day out in the sun w/ JXMoyle !!

I wanted to get some suntan lotion that was recommended to me by a coworker and a friend (Friend = aka JXMoyle) so I bought myself some suntan lotion and after sun lotion by the brand Piz Buin (Half price at Superdrug at the moment. Note: 13th July, 2013).

This is their Tan Intensifying range!
I've never tried it before till today. 
(If you'd like me to do a review, let me know in the comments
or you can Tweet me and let me know that way!)

If you any of you live in the Uk, you know that our summer's are very few and far between and even when we do get some sunshine, it's very short lived. So when the sun does come out, us Brits like to enjoy the sunshine as much as we can! 
(Pretty much, every Brit if possible will get outside and lay out in the sun, 
it becomes a sea of bodies!)

However this year, we are so far blessed with sunshine on a number of days which has been real nice.  I'm just hoping it keeps going for another month - at least!

My friend JXMoyle and I after we got our essentials (for me, the Piz Buin tan lotion and after sun lotion, and for JXMoyle her hairclips), we went out of the mall and enjoyed the sunshine as much as possible!

Here are a couple of pictures of my day!

JXMoyle & I (FX on PicFX app and uploaded onto Instagram @MissNathalie)

Edited on Instacollage on iPhone
Our legs were rather red.  I said we were 'Lobsters' since that's what I was called at work! Apparently I was doing a "Lobster impersonation" the last time I got burned.  
Thanks Jemma!

Of course as the evening progressed, so did the redness in our skin! Ouch. 

There was also a lot of people passing through for the Wireless festival which I heard was featuring Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake.  Gutted I wasn't able to go!

JXMoyle and I did a spot of shopping after being outside for so long, I ended up getting a couple of things but also, I ended up trying things on for fun! Here's a photo below of what I tried on at Hollister.  Nothing that flattered my figure, which was a shame as some of their shorts did look pretty cute and was on sale.

I wouldn't wear these two items together of course, but just thought I'd take a photo of the skirt as I did think it was pretty but I'm not really a skirt kind of gal.  
The top is on sale at the moment at the store, but the skirt is full price, both from Hollister. One thing I've always wondered though, why is it so dark in these stores?

If you are in the Uk, I hope you're enjoying the sunshine while you can!
We all know summer has a short lifespan!
I'll be doing a mini haul video at some point this week.

xoxo ~ N

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  1. the print of the skirt is really pretty! :)

    <3, Mimi